School Bus Safety Tips for Students and Parents

  • If student has to walk to the bus:

    • Always walk to the bus stop. Never Run.
    • Walk on the sidewalk.  If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left shoulder facing traffic.

    At the bus stop:

    • Always be at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • While at the bus stop, wait in a safe place away from the road but, where the bus driver can see you as they approach the stop.
    • Always make sure you are out of the Danger Zone (10 giant step away from the bus).
    • Do not run and play while you are waiting.
    • Never approach the school bus until you are directed to do so by the bus driver.
    • If you have to cross the roadway at the school bus stop, always wait for the bus to arrive and do not cross the roadway until the school bus driver signals you across by using the Public Address System with verbal directions to cross.  Always check the roadway yourself before stepping into the roadway and do not run.

    Exiting the bus:

    • Only get off the school bus at your designated stop.
    • Always walk out of the Danger Zone.
    • If you must cross the roadway always walk to the front of the school bus, at least 4 steps beyond the crossing control arm and wait facing the school bus driver for directions as to when to cross.
    • Never cross the road behind the bus.
    • Always go directly to where you are supposed to after getting of the bus and let those responsible for you know you are safely there.

    Entering or exiting the bus:

    • If a student drops something close to the side, front or under the school bus they should not try to get it before making the school bus driver aware of what has happened.  This will allow the school driver to assist if necessary or make sure they do not move the school bus before accounting for the student has safely retrieved the item.


    • If for some reason your student misses the school bus and you would want them to get the school bus, please do not try and “catch the school bus at a stop” this can be dangerous.  Always take your student past the school bus to the next stop where you can let them out and they can safely wait for the school bus.
    • Always remind your student of the school bus safety rules frequently.
    • Always contact the district transportation office with school bus safety questions. 
  • Contact Information:
    Transportation Office
    Delaware Department of Education
    401 Federal Street, Suite 2
    Dover, DE 19901
    Phone: 302-857-3390
    Fax: 302-739-7768

Last Modified on August 9, 2019