Instructors/Schools Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • A student just moved to Delaware from another state, already has a license, and is under the age of 18.  How does the student transfer their license to Delaware?

    • A license from another state does not automatically transfer to a license in Delaware.  Driving is a "privilege" offered by each state in our country.  The laws regarding how a teenager gets a license can differ in each state.  If a student is under the age of 18, on a permit or provisional license from another state, they must have their license transferred to Delaware within 60 days.  Once their license is transferred, they must then follow the state of Delaware's Graduated Driver's License Program.
    • Instruct the student to complete the Transfer Request Form: Out-of-State Driver Education form and provide all the documentation requested.  If there is a document that they do not have, they are required to explain why in the comments section on the form.   
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  • A student just moved to Delaware from another state, is under the age of 18 and would like to get a driver's license.  What should they do?

    • They must contact the high school they attend to see if they qualify to take the Driver Education Course offered at their school.
    • If their school is unable to enroll them in the Driver Education course, they must contact one of the Alternate Student Driver Education Programs located near them.
    • Not all high school transfers from out of state qualify for free driver education.  If the transfer student wants to know if they qualify for free driver education, then please contact our office using the Contact Information below.
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  • Where can I find information about the annual Driver Education competition?

    Information about the annual Driver Education competition is detailed in the Driver Education Competition Registration Packet.

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  • Contact Information:

    Michael Wagner, Education Associate

    Delaware Department of Education
    35 Commerce Way, Suite 1, Dover, DE 19904
    Phone: 302.857.3320  Fax: 302.739.1769

    For questions regarding your driver's license contact:
    The Division of Motor Vehicles
    Phone: 302.744.2561

Last Modified on January 24, 2023