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  • School safety is the responsibility of everyone – staff, students, parents, and community members.  Delaware has an all-hazards Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) that is tailored for each school in the state.  The CSSP is managed through the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS) and is based on four main principles – Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.  However, response plans alone do not make a school safe.  Fostering a positive school climate, addressing student needs, incident response training, and on-going communication with emergency response personnel are integral components in maintaining a safe school environment for all.  The school safety resources on this page address and support multiple topics that affect the safety of schools.

    The Delaware Comprehensive School Safety Program is designed to keep schools safe by assessing risks and vulnerabilities that may be potential threats to child safety.   

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Last Modified on November 30, 2018