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  • The goals of education are best served where there is a safe and pleasant environment, which permits staff and students to concentrate on teaching and learning.  Such an atmosphere can only be maintained through the cooperative efforts of all those involved in the education community - especially educators, students and parents.  Educators have the responsibility to inform students of their rights and responsibilities.  Students have the responsibility to know and abide by school rules and regulations.  Parents should also familiarize themselves with school rules to avoid misunderstanding and to join the school community's efforts to maintain a climate of respect, consideration and good citizenship.

    Schools are recognized as having the general authority to maintain order and discipline and to control student conduct, however schools must operate within established guidelines and constitutional limits.  Under our constitutional system, state governments are empowered with the legal responsibility for establishing and maintaining a system of public education.  Although the power of states over education is considerable, state legislatures do not actually operate schools; rather they provide for the operation of schools.  In Delaware, the authority for this operation is delegated to the State Board of Education and local boards of education.  Such authority is outlined in Title 14 of the Delaware Code.  Navigate this site to learn more about student rights and responsibilities as it relates to conduct within the school environment.

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    School Climate Office, Delaware Department of Education

    Office: 302-857-3384



Last Modified on September 5, 2023