Requirements for Obtaining a School Bus Driver License

  • Step 1: Submit employment application

    Fill out an employment application with either a contractor or school district. 

    Step 2: Confirm background status

    Complete the following requirements to confirm background status.

    Step 3: Complete physical requirements

    Return the following forms to Transportation Office.  A green physical card will be issued to you at this time.  You must have a green card in order to work with a Certified Driver Trainer (CDT) in Step 7.
    • Department of Education (DOE) School Bus Driver Physical Form.
    • Tuberculosis (TB) test results or letter from physician stating that you cannot take the test and are clear of TB. 

    Step 4: Attend DOE training

    Attend the Department of Education (DOE) 12-hour class in basic school bus driver/aide training.  These classes are held every month in each county.  Your perspective employer and Transportation Office will have the class date schedule. 

    Step 5: Obtain Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)

    Go to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to take the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) General Knowledge, "P" and "S" knowledge exams and obtain a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) with "P" and "S" endorsements and "P" and "M" or "N" restrictions.  You will need to wait at least 14 calendar days from that date before taking the DMV Skills test which includes the Pre-trip test, basic maneuvers test and road test.  To avoid unnecessary delay, recommend scheduling the skills test as soon as possible after CLP issuance.  If you already have a CDL. you will need to take the "S" knowledge exam and follow the procedures above. 
    You will need a Fee Waiver from a Transportation Supervisor or you will have to pay to get a permit.

    Step 6: Complete training with CDL qualified driver

    Arrange through your contractor or Transportation Office to be trained by a CDL qualified driver (with "S" and other appropriate endorsements) to develop those skills necessary to safely operate a school bus.  This training does not have to be done by a CDT. 

    Step 7: Complete behind-the-wheel training

    Contact a CDT to arrange for the required 6 hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction/Evaluation which consists of the following:
    • 2 hours onboard observation with students
    • 2 hours skills evaluation - no students onboard
    • 2 hours skills demonstration driving & managing students.  Note: only after obtaining CDL with "S" endorsement and before driving alone with students. 

    Step 8: Deliver DOE Trainer's Evaluation Form

    Deliver DOE Trainer's Evaluation Form to the Transportation Supervisor's Office. 

    Step 9: Obtain a Yellow card

    Upon notification from DMV that your background check meets requirements to obtain an "S" endorsement (copy to Transportation Supervisor) and if all above requirements (except for the last two hours of behind-the-wheel training) have been successfully completed, the Transportation Supervisor can issue you a Yellow card. 

    Step 10: Obtain Commercial Driver's License (CDL) from DMV

    Upon submittal of the Yellow card to DMV, they will complete your records check and issue you your CDL with the appropriate endorsements.  Be sure to check your license to be sure that all information is correct before you leave DMV. 

    Step 11: Complete driving & managing students training

    Complete 2 hours skills demonstration driving and managing students with the CDT.  Note: only after obtaining CDL with "S" endorsement and before driving alone with students. 
    The above information is for guidance only and the Department of Education is not providing legal advice.  The driver is responsible for completing all requirements of the law regardless of whether they are included on this site. 
  • Contact Information:
    Transportation Office
    Delaware Department of Education
    401 Federal Street, Suite 2
    Dover, DE 19901
    Phone: 302-857-3390
    Fax: 302-739-7768

Last Modified on August 9, 2019