Medical Forms

  • COVID-19 Return to Play Form (updated 2/22/2021) - COVID-19 infection medical clearance releasing the Student Athlete to resume full participation in athletics.

    Updated (4/12/21) DIAA 2021-2022 PPE Form- This is a seven (7) page document.  All pages are necessary.  

    PPE Guidelines:  The DIAA pre-participation physical evaluation and consent form consists of seven pages. Pages two, three and five require a parent’s signature while pages six and seven are references for the parent and student athlete to keep. Page four requires the exam date and physician’s signature and page five requires the clearance to participate date and physician’s signature. The student must be cleared to participate on or after April 1 based on a physical examination conducted within 12 months of the signature. The clearance is valid through June 30 of the following school year unless a re-examination is required.

    Pages which require a parent's signature:  Pages two (2), three (3) and five (5)


    (updated 6//11/21) 

    Pages two (2), Three (3) and five (5) which require a parent's signature

    PPE Spanish version 

    PPE Haitian Creole version 

    Pages that are references for parent and student athlete to keep: six (6) and seven (7) 

    Approval to play with a Hard Cast

    Release to participate with Skin Lesion

    NFHS Skin Treatment Regulation

    Physician Clearance for Body Fat Allowance - wrestling

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