Scholarship Name Application Start Date Application End Date
B. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
Charles L. Hebner Memorial Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
Diamond State Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
Delaware Solid Waste Authority 12/1/16 3/6/17
John P. Healy Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
First State Manufactured Housing Scholarship 12/1/16 3/6/17
Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans and Others 12/1/16 6/1/17
Delaware Teacher Corps MPCP 4/1/17 6/1/17
Ada Leigh Soles Memorial Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Christa McAuliffe Teacher Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Delaware Nursing Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Delaware Teacher Corps Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Optometry Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Speech-Language Pathologist Incentive Program 4/1/17 6/1/17
Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP) FAFSA by 4/15/2017 GPA and enrollment by 6/30/2017

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Academic Records

To provide academic information to the Delaware Higher Education Office as part of your scholarship application please review information below

For students attending Delaware public or charter high schools: The Delaware Higher Education Office will access your 9th through 11th grade unweighted cumulative GPA and SAT scores through eSchool.

For home-schooled students or students attending private high schools in Delaware: Please send a copy of your SAT scores and your 9th through 11th grade high school transcript showing your unweighted cumulative GPA directly to the Delaware Higher Education Office by the scholarship deadline.

Scholarship/Loan Incentive Program Document Library

Awarding and Appeals Policy - Effective July 2016

Terms and Conditions  PDF (Review before acknowledging your award) - Effective July 2016

Delaware Residency

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