• Opening a Private School

    The first step in opening a private school is to request a DDOE Identity Management System (IMS) account login to the Nonpublic Schools application at Get Your Login Information First.

    An email with a login name and password will be sent to the email address provided by the individual requesting the account to open the private school. Log onto the Nonpublic Schools application by following the email directions. If you experience issues while attempting to log in, please send an email to nps@doe.k12.de.us or call 302-241-2820 for assistance with your IMS account.

    Once logged in to the Nonpublic Schools application, you will first enter the school’s name, address, telephone number, and demographic information. Secondly, you will be prompted to enter the school’s contact information and along with additional information about the school. Next, you will be prompted to enter number of instructional staff. Once you are done entering all school information, you will be asked to review this information and submit. The next screen displayed will show the private school is in a pending status. The Delaware Department of Education will review information submitted and open the school. An email containing specific information about the school will follow.

    Once the DDOE notifies the school that it is open, student enrollment may begin.

    In order for a parent to withdraw their child(ren) from a public school to attend a private school, the private school administrator/registrar may receive a request from the parent for a copy of the acknowledgement page showing their child(ren)’s enrollment in the private school. The private school may also request a copy of the student’s cumulative records from the public school.

    Requirements for Keeping a Delaware Private School Open

    You do not need to reapply each year; however, there are two requirements in order to maintain an “open” status. Pursuant to Delaware law, 14 Del.C. § 2704:

    (a) All persons conducting nonpublic schools shall report end of the year attendance information to the DDOE annually, on or before July 31, on such forms as shall be prescribed by the DDOE.

    (b) Such persons shall also submit annually, no later than October 5, a statement of pupil enrollment as of the last school day in September, on such forms as prescribed by the Department of Education.

    In order to meet the two requirements, log in to the DDOE’s Identity Management System (IMS) and click on the Nonpublic Schools icon to enter required attendance and enrollment data.

    For additional information, please see instructions for completing your private school's attendance.

    For additional information, please see instructions for completing your private school's enrollment.

    If attendance and/or enrollment data are not entered for your nonpublic school by the specified deadlines, the DDOE will close the nonpublic school and alert all resident districts of students previously enrolled in the nonpublic school.

    The DDOE does not retain copies of information you submit. We encourage you to maintain a copy of any documentation sent to the DDOE.

    The DDOE does not maintain nonpublic school records for open or closed schools. You must contact the administrator of the nonpublic school. DDOE may have contact information that it can share with you, but it is your responsibility to maintain and retrieve your school records.

    Re-enrolling in a Public School from a Private School

    The private school administrator/registrar will remove a student(s) from the private school as part of the withdrawal process. The private school administrator/registrar may provide a copy of the acknowledgement page showing a child(ren)’s enrollment in the private school. This document would be given to the parent/guardian withdrawing their child(ren) to be included with re-enrollment documents required by the public school. If you re-enroll your child(ren) in a public school from a private school, the public school will request your student’s records from the private school; however, it is recommended that you maintain an accurate portfolio as well.

    See General Private School Information for additional information on Delaware Private Schools.

Last Modified on October 9, 2018