• Grants: Reimagining Professional Learning

    Core Concept

    The Reimagining Professional Learning Grants support the work of schools committed to improving the quality and efficacy of professional learning for teachers in Delaware in order to increase opportunities and outcomes for our students.  Reimagining professional learning is imperative. It will not happen overnight, but will start with the bold thinking of school leaders and be realized with longer-term efforts and the replication of successful practices seeded through this grant. Schools that are committed to this vision are encouraged to apply to receive a Reimagining Professional Learning Grant.

  • 2017-2018 School Award Overview

    In spring of 2017, the Delaware Department of Education awarded 21 elementary, middle, and high schools across the state a collective total of $320,390 to aid in their efforts to redesign professional learning around improved student achievement. Awards were based on each school’s integration of Delaware’s new professional learning standards, also called the Learning Forward Standards. Grants incorporated innovative, rigorous models of professional development in English/language arts, mathematics, and literacy instructional strategies to strengthen teaching and student learning through leadership and educator effectiveness.

    Awards will be used to sustain continuous improvement in teacher practice and student outcomes over time. We are proud to highlight the strategic planning, expertise, and dedication of each school below by tracking their success overtime in hopes that other schools may gather ideas about how to redesign professional learning in their schools.


    2017-2018 Awardees

    Join us May 1, 2018 for a Celebration of Professional Learning at Polytech HS - 4:30 - 7:30. Schools listed below will showcase their excellence in Professional Learning. PDMS Course #26894

    District/Charter School School Title of Project Total Award
    Caesar Rodney School District Allen Frear Elementary School* Frear ELPL Plan $9,519
    Caesar Rodney School District J.R. McIlvaine Early Childhood Center* ECC ELPL Plan $9,519
    Caesar Rodney School District Nellie H. Stokes Elementary School* Stokes ELPL Plan $9,519
    Caesar Rodney School District W.B. Simpson Elementary School* CCSS and Conferencing: Phase Two $10,000
    Caesar Rodney School District W. Reily Brown Elementary School* Increasing Reading Comprehension $10,000
    Caesar Rodney School District Caesar Rodney High School Partnering with SREB and Polytech Math $8,250
    Capital School District Central Middle School* Central Middle School Reimagined $18,872
    Capital School District William Henry Middle School* William Henry Middle School Reimagined $19,698
    Charter School Early College High School ECHS Common Core Look Fours $12,659
    Laurel School District North Laurel Elementary School CC Standards Analysis Training/Lesson Planning $17,824
    Laurel School District Laurel High School CC Analysis/PLC HOT Lesson Writing $21,848
    Milford School District Milford Central Academy Buccaneer Teacher Set Sail to Professional Learning $15,000
    Milford School District Milford High School Setting Sail Toward a Culture of Professional Learning $15,000
    New Castle County Vocational Technical School District St. George's Technical High School* Lessons in Literacy $16,690
    Polytech School District Polytech High School Reimagining Math and FALS at Polytech $12,011
    Smyrna School District Smyrna High School* Smyrna HS Classroom to Classroom Writing Project $23,215
    Smyrna School District Smyrna Middle School In Media Res: Smyrna Middle School Writing Project $18,713
    Smyrna School District Smyrna Elementary School Building Writing Fluency: A Collaborative Approach $17,203
    Smyrna School District Sunnyside Elementary School Writing Renegades at Sunnyside $19,943
    Smyrna School District Clayton Elementary School #WriteonClayton $20,880
    Smyrna School District John Bassett Moore Intermediate School Research-Based Writing Project Across All Content Areas $14,022

     *Indicates a school that has received a grant award for a second year.


    For information on the 2016-2017 Reimagining Professional Learning Grant awards, click here.


    2018-2019 Reimagining Professional Learning Grant

    The Delaware Department of Education has opened the Reimagining Professional Learning Grants process for the 2018-2019 school year. Please visit the 2018-2019 Grants page for more information. 



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