Frequently Asked Questions

Institutes of Higher Education

What is the application process for institutions of Higher Education?

Institutions of Higher Education which seek to offer degrees to residents of Delaware must complete different application processes dependent on whether the Institution is established by Delaware Law, incorporated in Delaware with Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) approval, or accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

The Levels of Each Applicant Include:

  • Recognized Applicant
  • Provisional Approval
  • Full Approval

Does my Institution need to be approved by Delaware Department of Education to offer online courses to Delaware Residents even though we have no physical presence in Delaware?

Yes. The Delaware Department of Education must approve an Institution in order for that Institution to incorporate in Delaware, offer courses or programs, or confer degrees.

We have a student who wants to do their field experience (practicum, rotation, etc.) in Delaware. Can we place them without being approved by Delaware Department of Education?

Yes, if:

  • the program is a resident program taken on campus, or
  • the program is online and the student is not a Delaware resident

No, if:

  • the program is an online program and the student is a Delaware resident

* The Institution and Program must be approved by the Delaware Department of Education.

We just found out that we have a student enrolled from Delaware taking one of our programs. Should we counsel the student to seek alternative programs?

No. We will not penalize the student. Your institution needs to start applying to the Delaware Department of Education immediately for degree granting authority.

Do we need approval to advertise in the region?

Delaware Department of Education does not have any regulations on advertising in the state. If any of your programs are online, your institutions and program(s) would require approval by the Delaware Department of Education in order to be offered to Delaware Residents.

For the application fee, who do we make the check out to?

Delaware Department of Education
John W. Collette Building
35 Commerce Way, Suite #1
Dover, DE 19904


I am a prospective student, or parent of a student, how can I determine if a college or university is accredited?

Accrediting agencies accepted by the Delaware Department of Education include national and regional accrediting agencies or any other accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

The U.S. Department of Education's Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs

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I am a student with a complaint, what are the steps I should take?

1. Have you addressed the complaint with the institution?

2. Have you followed the proper policy/procedures for appeals?

If they complaint cannot be resolved by these procedures, the next step is to direct the complaint to the Delaware Department of Education, Higher Education Office.

*If the institution is a member of SARA, please read the Student Complaint Policy and Process and use the SARA Student Complaint Form