• Smarter Analytics

    Smarter Analytics is a new icon that is located on the IMS page and links you to PerformancePlus. The reporting power contained in PerformanceTRACKER can have a tremendous positive impact. With just a click, an educator can view a student’s entire assessment history on one screen. Traffic light indicators make it easy to quickly summarize proficiency levels or spot students in need of academic intervention. Dealing with mountains of data can be time and resource intensive; PerformanceTRACKER makes it simple to filter and analyze data by school, teacher, class, student, or demographic groups. Users can also create student groups for more specific research.

    Click on the following link to utilize Smarter Analytic and Performance Plus user guides and training videos.

    Use code SCJZV-28VH8 to access the PerformancePLUS Resources Group


    Reports Image

    There are over 30+ different score reports that teachers can run against the student data after an assessment is given. Here are some of the reports within the PerformancePLUS system

    • Student Summary Results
    • Item Analysis by Incorrect Response
    • Item Analysis by Student
    • Item Analysis by Question
    • Proficiency Levels
    • Standards Proficiency Details
    • Comparative Report by Standards
    • Comparative Report by Proficiency Levels
    • Intervention Pyramid

    Each report has options and can be filtered by student demographics and by school or district. Teachers can click on the numbers displayed on charts and graphics to see the students who make up that number.

Last Modified on September 28, 2018