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  • Proposed Refreshed Delaware World Language Standards

    Posted by Gregory Fulkerson on 12/21/2015

    Refreshed Delaware World Language Standards


    Since the Delaware World Language standards were adopted in 2007, several changes have occurred on both the State and National levels, including the introduction of the Common Core State Standards, and a refreshed version of our National World Language Standards. These changes are significant enough to necessitate refreshing Delaware’s World Language Standards.


    In 2012, Delaware adopted the Common Core State Standards.  As these standards do not explicitly include World Languages, the national organization ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) created a crosswalk document that shows that the World Language Standards and the Common Core State Standards are mutually supportive.  This document details the alignment of the English Language Arts Common Core Standards with the World Language Standards, giving explicit guidance to teachers on how and where each standard supports the other.  Refreshing Delaware’s World Language Standards to include this information is crucial to properly align current teaching practices with the Common Core.


    Refreshing the Delaware’s World Language Standards does not mean major changes to the existing standards.  Refreshing consists of modifying some language of the standards to be better reflective of the rigorous expectations of the Common Core and 21st century skills. 


    In 2013, ACTFL refreshed the National Standards for World Language Learning, with language that is inclusive of all learners and which reflects best practices, renaming them World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.  ACTFL has also published several supporting documents in the past few years that inform help teacher instructional practice, such as the Proficiency Guidelines (2012), Performance Descriptors (2012), and the NCSSFL/ACTFL Can-Do Statements (2013). 


    In January 2015, the Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network, which represents all 19 school districts and several charter schools, met to analyze how other states’ standards are reflecting these updates and voted to form a sub-committee to draft a refreshed version of Delaware’s World Language Standards.


    The subcommittee presented their draft to the World Language Teacher Leader Network in October 2015 for their feedback.  A copy of the proposed refreshed Delaware World Language Standards is below.  Please direct any comments or questions prior to February 4 to Dr. Gregory Fulkerson at  


    Refreshed Standards

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