• Delaware Assessment Inventory

    Senate Joint Resolution 2

    Assessment Inventory Committee

    The SJR#2 stakeholder committee convened by the Delaware Department of Education has been meeting monthly to understand the issues surrounding student testing and will use state, district and school inventory results to generate recommendations in the months ahead.

    Committee Minutes

    Committee Members

    Delaware SJR#2 requires specific committee members, as determined by the Delaware House and Senate. Committee members and the legislative designation they represent are listed below.

    Three Senate Education Committee Members
    Senator Ernie Lopez
    Senator David Sokola
    Senator Nicole Poore

    Three House Education Committee Members
    Representative Earl Jaques
    Representative Timothy Dukes
    Representative Sean Matthews

    Parent Appointed by the Governor
    Equetta Jones

    Civil Rights Community Representative
    Bebe Coker

    President of the Chief School Officers Association (CSOA)
    Vicki Gehrt, New Castle County Vo Tech

    President of the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) or designee
    Frederika Jenner

    Additional Members
    Steve Godowsky - Secretary, Delaware Department of Education
    Michael Watson - Chief Academic Officer, Delaware Department of Education
    Lindsay O'Mara - Education Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor
    Susan Haberstroh - Director, Policy and External Affairs, Delaware Department of Education
    Tina Shockley - Policy Advisor, Delaware Department of Education

Last Modified on September 27, 2017