• Delaware Assessment Inventory

    Senate Joint Resolution 2

    State and district assessment inventories are available on this website for your consideration and public comment. Please note that the district and school assessment inventory information was developed at the district and school level and has not been edited by the DDOE. Some of the information may be incorrect as presented.

    Persons wishing to present comments on the assessment inventories or recommendations by the district, schools or state may do so in writing or by email by the close of business on or before February 21, 2016 to Tina Shockley, Education Associate, Department of Education, at 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901. Email is tina.shockley@doe.k12.de.us. Please type Assessment Inventory Comments in the subject line of the email.

    All comments will be made public on the DDOE website and also provided to the SJR#2 Assessment Inventory Committee.

    State Assessment Inventory

    As part of an ongoing cycle, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) Office of Assessment (OoA) reviews its state managed assessments for the Delaware System of Student Assessments (DeSSA). Over the past two years, a greater emphasis has been placed on the components of this assessment system, the purposes of each assessment, the amount of time invested in the administration, and the possible redundancy of assessments.

    With the signing of Senate Joint Resolution #2 by Governor Jack Markell, the OoA began a more formalized approach to the assessment inventory process based on the Achieve model. The DDOE assessment inventories linked below are categorized by content or relative area and include information for all OoA state required assessments.

    State Level Assessment Changes

    • English Language Arts
      • DCAS English End of Course (EOC) for grade 10 has been discontinued.
      • DCAS Reading for grades 2-10 has been replaced by Smarter English Language Arts for grades 3-8 and SAT for grade 11
    • Mathematics
      • DCAS Algebra I End of Course (EOC) for High School has been discontinued.
      • DCAS Integrated Math II End of Course (EOC) for High School has been discontinued.
      • DCAS Algebra II EOC and DCAS Integrated Math III are optional and are being discontinued.
      • DCAS Mathematics for grades 2-10 has been replaced with Smarter Mathematics for grades 3-8 and SAT for grade 11.
    • Science
      • Biology End of Course (EOC) for grade 10 has been discontinued.
    • Social Studies
      • No recent changes made
    • National/Other
      • SAT now replaces Smarter English Language Arts and Mathematics for Grade 11

    Estimated Student Reduction in Testing Time for State Mandated Assessments

    With the changes in state level assessments listed above, overall total testing time for students has been reduced. Individual grade level information and estimated reduction times appear below:

    (2013-15 to 2015-16)
    assessment table

    State Assessment Time Charts provide additional information on estimated testing time reductions for each grade level. The first chart displays the amount of testing time involved in the DCAS testing and before the formal assessment inventory process The second time chart displays the current testing time with the transition to Smarter assessments for grades 3-8 and SAT at grade 11.

    State Assessment Inventory Tables

    The following State Assessment Inventory Tables provide a list - by subject - of current state mandated assessments and related information. In the 2014 - 2015 School Year, Smarter assessments replaced the former Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS) assessments for Reading and Mathematics. Assessments "grayed-out" on the inventory tables (below) provide information specific to assessments that have recently been discontinued or made optional.
Last Modified on July 20, 2017