• Reimagining Professional Learning Innovation Grant

    The Reimagining Professional Learning Grants support the work of schools committed to improving the quality and efficacy of professional learning for teachers in Delaware in order to increase opportunities and outcomes for our students.

    The work demanded from the Common Core implementation journey has prompted both the state education agency and districts and charters to rethink how we approach professional learning. In the past three years, both state and local level approaches to professional learning have evolved in many meaningful ways, and yet there is still so much to do to realize the commitment to reimagined, top-notch professional learning for every Delaware educator as the norm.

    At the state level, we recognize the limits of state led professional learning and the promise of professional learning that is job-embedded and leverages the schools’ support structures.  At the local level, while the data shows that Delaware’s third graders are some of the top performers on the Smarter assessments, the data also shows that many of our students are not succeeding in showing proficiency of our college and career ready standards.

    Reimagining professional learning is imperative. It will not happen overnight, but will start with the bold thinking of school leaders and be realized with longer-term efforts and the replication of successful practices seeded through this grant. Schools that are committed to this vision are encouraged to apply to receive a Reimagining Professional Learning Grant.

    Spring 2017 Application Materials

    Effective professional learning can improve climate, culture, and outcomes for our students. It is an important factor in continuous improvement. To accomplish the goal of improving the quality and efficacy of professional learning, the Delaware Department of Education has invested in Professional Learning Innovation Grants aimed to support teacher leaders and administrators in developing coherent and impactful professional learning systems for teachers.

    Additional Resources

    TELL Survey Results

    The 2013 TELL Delaware survey revealed that while 92% of teachers are being held to high professional standards for delivering instruction:

    • Just 44% of teachers report receiving professional development that is differentiated to meet their individual needs
    • Only 42% report that of professional development is evaluated with results communicated to teachers.

    On average, approximately two-thirds of teachers report that they have sufficient resources for professional development in their school and have ongoing opportunities to work with their colleagues to refine teaching practices.

Last Modified on February 21, 2018