• For Districts and Charters

  • Welcome to the State of Delaware website on the SAT and SAT Subject Tests for districts and charters. This site is designed to provide education-related information and resources to use schoolwide as students prepare to take the nationally recognized SAT assessments.

    Delaware is excited to provide students, families and educators  free  personalized SAT test practice, reports, and monitoring through College Board and Khan Academy. Why do we think this is right for Delaware education? For more information, watch this quick video: 

  • Information and Resources

    New Accountability Policy for Delaware System of Student Assessments (DeSSA) Test Administration.
    Policy will ensure consistency of test participation across the State.  
    Offers webinars and regional trainings for districts and schools focused on the process of administering the School Day SAT.
    Provides information on SAT testing in Delaware, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), important websites, communications and outreach materials.
    The following list of dictionaries or glossaries have been reviewed and approved for use by the College Board for the SAT, PSAT™ 10, and PSAT™ 8/9 assessments in Spring 2017.
    Provides teacher implementation guides, professional development modules, score resources and more for educators and school leaders.
    Once students get their PSAT and SAT scores through College Board, have them link to Khan Academy and begin navigating all the free, personalized SAT preparation resources available to them as they prepare for success on the SAT.
    Monitor student progress individually or as a class to embed SAT practice into your curriculum, assist students with trouble areas, and guide students as they continue preparing for the SAT.
    Review Advanced Placement (AP) Potential Data for your students. Did you know that students who take AP classes require less remediation once they begin college? Students who aren't forced to spend time and money on non-credit remediation classes experience higher college graduation rates.
    For both students and educators. Access full-length practice tests, study tips, and problem-solving videos. Get instant feedback and monitor progress while preparing for the SAT.
    Explains the SAT accommodation process for students with disabilities, including eligibility, how to get approval, and what happens after accommodations are approved.
    Provides SAT data on graduating seniors in Delaware and the state's SAT School Day from 2011 to 2015.
Last Modified on December 27, 2017