• Professional Learning for Social Studies

    Delaware educators

    Delaware offers several opportunities for educators to participate in deep and engaging professional learning focused on CCSS-aligned Social Studies instruction.

    Listed below are links to webinars, videos, and self-paced resources

  • Social Studies Video Modules
    • Disciplinary Literacy
      Introduces educators to the disciplinary literacy approach to social studies instruction. Strategies are relatively unique and specialized to a discipline, such as sourcing of documents, corroborating sources, and contextualizing, and used by experts in the discipline.
    Additional Resources
    • America Achieves
      Contains printable lesson plans, lesson videos, and videos on illustrating the Common Core key shifts, teacher discussions of lessons and assessing the quality of resources.
    • The Teaching Channel
      Provides exemplary lessons using the specific CCSS at different grade levels. Includes material for planning professional learning for implementing the CCSS.
    • Education Northwest
      Provides links to articles, resources, and professional development.
    For more information on professional learning for Social Studies in Delaware, contact Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development at 302-735-4180.
Last Modified on March 20, 2017