Educator Equity Plan Documents

Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators for All Students

  • Educator Equity Plan Appendices

    • Appendix A : Delaware Educator Diagnostic - Analysis of the First State's Workforce
    • Appendix B : Technical Appendix to Exhibit 2
    • Appendix C : Stakeholder Engagement Stage 1 Deck and Materials
    • Appendix D : Stakeholder Engagement Stage 2 Deck and Materials
    • Appendix E : Stakeholder Engagement Stage 3 Deck and Materials
    • Appendix F : Stakeholder Engagement Stage 1 Meeting Note Summaries
    • Appendix G Stakeholder Engagement Stage 2 Meeting Note Summaries
    • Appendix H : Stakeholder Engagement Stage 3 Meeting Note Summaries
    • Appendix I : Sample Stakeholder Outreach Email
    • Appendix J : Center for Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL) Talent Development Framework
    • Appendix K : Community of Practice Developed DPAS-II Guide for Administrators
    • Appendix L : Profiles of Educators in the Delaware Talent Cooperative
    • Appendix M : Delaware Talent Cooperative Study Summary
    • Appendix N : Sample Exit Survey
    • Appendix O : Brandywine School District CIP Grant Proposal
    • Appendix P : Colonial School District CIP Grant Proposal
    • Appendix Q : Funding Flexibility Workgroup Report
    • Appendix R : Title II, Part A 2015-16 Consolidated Grant Application Program Highlights
    • Appendix S : District Equity Gap Maps
  • Associated Reports and Documents:

    SREB Spotlight Series: Effective Teaching Communities - Lessons from High-Needs, High-Performing Delaware Schools (April 2016)

    This Southern Regional Education Board report is part of a series that celebrates schools across the country where teachers are growing and their students are benefiting as a result.  In particular, their research focuses on learning from teachers in high-needs schools who are effectively helping their students defy historic achievement statistics.  The Delaware report features three schools:  Capital School District's  North Dover Elementary, Indian River School District's North Georgetown Elementary, and Kuumba Academy Charter School in Wilmington.

Last Modified on October 11, 2022