Student Improvement Component - Goal Setting Resources

Educators, school leaders, and district leaders can utilize the resources provided on this page to aid the goal-setting process. A goal-setting suite flyer that highlights the resources available on this page can be downloaded and shared with educators who may be interested in learning more.

The resources provided include the following:

  • ASSESSMENT REPORTS - provide historical student performance data on approximately 90 internal Measure B assessments. Updated reports are available through the drop down box below.

  • GOAL-SETTING GUIDANCE DOCUMENT - provides examples of strong methods for setting goals and targets as well as some pros and cons for each approach.

  • GOAL-SETTING TARGETS WORKSHEET - provided as an optional resource to be used along with internal Measure B assessments during the goal-setting process. The worksheets are designed to calculate targets and final ratings based on information entered about goals set during the fall conference and student pre/post-test scores. Please note that while there are many approaches to goal-setting, the templates are ONLY designed for educators using one of the three approaches described in the "Goal-Setting Guidance Document" above.
  • GOAL-SETTING POWER POINT - provides a brief overview of strong methods for setting goals and targets. This PowerPoint provides specific examples of processes for calculating goals and targets. Corresponding Excel spreadsheets of the examples shown in the slides are available here

All of the resources on this page are NEW as of August 2015. The DOE would like to continue to provide additional resources as well as improve the ones here. Please provide feedback on the following website:

Assessment Reports