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    The State of Delaware follows the guidelines set forth in the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) of 2004, which outlines education requirements for all students with disabilities. IDEA states that public school districts and charter schools have an obligation to ensure that all students with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Districts and charter schools are required to design special education and related services to meet each student's unique needs. Districts and charters must also prepare students with disabilities for further education, employment, and independent living after high school.

    The rights of children with disabilities and their families are protected under federal and state laws. The federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is responsible for ensuring school district and charter compliance with IDEA. As a state agency, the Delaware Department of Education's Exceptional Children Resourcesworkgroup assists districts, charters educational service agencies, and public agencies to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Through Results-Driven Accountability, the Department:

    • Holds districts and charters responsible for improving the performance and progress of students with disabilities, and
    • Ensures compliance with state and federal laws concerning the education of students with disabilities. (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1400(d); 14 Del.C. §3110; 10 DE Reg. 1816)

    The Exceptional Children Resources workgroup also provides grant and funding support to assist districts and charters in carrying out this mission.

    Special Education Regulations

    Related Regulations

    Regulation 610: Student Restraint and Seclusion

    Restraint & Seclusion Scoring Matrix

    State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)

    Delaware's State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) is a six-year effort to develop, implement, and scale-up the supports and resources available to students with disabilities in Delaware. The Delaware SSIP is meant to improve student performance and achievement. It falls under Indicator #17 of IDEA, which requires all states to have in place a State Performance Plan (SPP) as part of their Annual Performance Report (APR) in order to evaluate the requirements and purposes of IDEA and describe how the state will improve results for students.

    Task Forces

    Autism Task Force

    Final Report- Provided to the Delaware Legislature on March 31, 2015

    For more information on Delaware policies and procedures for students with disabilities, contact Exceptional Children Resources at 302-735-4210.

Last Modified on January 27, 2022