• About the Charter School Accountability Committee

    The Charter School Accountability Committee ("CSAC") is a public committee convened by the Department of Education to review information and issue recommendations for all major accountability processes for the charters for which it is the approving authority. These processes include, but are not limited to, applications for new charter schools, major modifications, renewals, and formal review. 

    Pursuant to 14 Del. Code § 511 and 14 Del. Code § 515, CSAC reviews information, holds public meetings to discuss the information with charter school leaders, and issues reports on the matters discussed at each meeting. During each process, CSAC holds two meetings: an initial meeting, where no recommendation is made, and a final meeting, where a recommendation is made. CSAC's recommendations, and the reports from each meetings, become part of the public record which is reviewed by the Secretary of Education before making his decision.

    All CSAC meetings are public and posted to the State Public Meeting Calendar.

    All questions about the Charter School Accountability Committee should be directed to the Charter School Office at infocso@doe.k12.de.us.

    Charter School Accountability Committee Members


    Name CSAC Role Proxy
    Karen Field Rogers, Deputy Secretary of Education Voting Member & Chair  N/A
    Kimberly Krzanowski, Director, Office of Early Learners Voting Member  
    Amy Baker-Sheridan, Education Associate, English/Language Arts Voting Member Debora Hansen, Education Associate, Visual/Perform Arts
    Tracy Neugebauer, Education Associate, IDEA Implementation Voting Member Barbara Mazza, Education Associate, General Supervision IDEA
    Maria Stecker, Education Associate, Educator Evaluation Voting Member TBD
    Brian Moore, Education Associate, School Climate & Discipline Voting Member Jane Boyd, Education Specialist, School Health Services
    Charles Taylor, School Leader, Providence Creek Academy Voting Member N/A
    Chandra G. Pitts, Community Member Voting Member N/A
    Kendall Massett, Executive Director, Delaware Charter School Network Non-Voting Member N/A
    Donna Johnson, Executive Director, Delaware State Board of Education Non-Voting Member N/A
    Denise Stouffer, Lead Education Associate, Charter School Office Workgroup Staff  N/A
    John Carwell, Education Associate, Charter School Office Workgroup Staff  N/A
    Brook Hughes, Education Associate, Finance Office Workgroup Staff  N/A
    Sheila Kay-Lawrence, Administrative Secretary, Charter School Office Workgroup Staff  N/A


Last Modified on March 20, 2018