• Data Management and Analytics

    The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) collects and releases education-related data to update educators, families and communities about student progress in Delaware. These data are critical for making decisions that enhance classroom learning as well as public education across the state.

    DDOE supports accountability and transparency in education data. In July 2016, DDOE established the Delaware Education Data Forum (DEDF). This professional learning community brings together data professionals from DDOE as well as every Delaware district and charter school to improve clarity, confidence and consensus around Delaware education data. Delaware continues to enhance the accuracy and fidelity of its education data, strengthening decision-making and supporting better educational outcomes for Delaware’s students.

    Accurate, open and current education data is available on the following locations to better identify school needs and enhance student outcomes:

    • Delaware Report Card – Find data showing how schools perform in key areas, such as student proficiency and growth, high school graduation rates and English learner progress.
    • Open Data Portal – Access millions of educator and student data sets from 2015 to present for deeper and more comprehensive analysis.

    Additional resources

    • Data privacy, redaction – Learn more about how Delaware protects student privacy. Includes FERPA information and DDOE public data rules.
    • Data requests – Request education data from DDOE. Learn how the process differs for districts, charters and the public.
    • Data definitions – Find useful definitions when accessing Delaware education data.

    Educator resources

Last Modified on August 16, 2020