Sanction Forms

  • The Rationale of Sanctioning: Interscholastic athletic programs serve educational goals. To this end, schools have an obligation to conduct inquiries about events in which their students may participate.  In order to perform their “inquiry and oversight” functions fairly and efficiently, the NFHS has developed event – sanctioning procedures in support of our member state associations on behalf of their member schools:

    • Sanctioning enhances the likelihood that events will adhere to reasonable and detailed criteria which meets the specific requirements of a state association.
    • Sanctioning serves to promote sound regulation of the conditions under which students and teams compete.
    • Sanctioning is a means of encouraging well-managed rules and regulations.
    • Sanctioning adds an element of “due diligence” that encourages compliance with state associations’ rules and regulations.
    • Sanctioning protects the welfare of the student-athletes.
    • Sanctioning protects the existing programs sponsored by member schools and thereby promotes the opportunity for larger number of student-athletes to gain the benefits of interscholastic competition.
    • Sanctioning helps reduce the abuses of excessive competition.
    • Sanctioning promotes uniformity in obtaining approval for events.
    • Sanctioning helps protect students from exploitation.
    • Interstate and International sanctioning at the NFHS level promotes financial transparency and equivalency of treatment of participating high schools.
Last Modified on January 8, 2018