• Educator of Record Roster Verification System (RVS)

    For updates related to changes in the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19, please see our Educator Evaluation Guidance Document or visit the Educator Evaluation Guidance and Resources Page.

    New to RVS? Download the RVS At-A-Glance Guide for an overview of the process with tips for teachers, building administrators, and district administrators. 

    Roster Verification System (RVS) Overview

    The Roster Verification System (RVS) is an online system (inside of IMS) that allows Delaware's Group 1 teachers and administrators the opportunity to complete an automated roster verification process to assist in the determination of one measure of their Component V educator evaluation rating (Measure A for teachers and administrators). Roster verification ensures that all students who should be considered for the educator's evaluation are present on his or her roster.

    The RVS system is used in two phases: before/during the statewide student assessment and after student scores have been returned from the assessment vendor.  In the first phase, educators review and/or build rosters and submit to evaluators for approval.  In the second phase, educators review their Measure A reports.

    Who needs to complete RVS?

    While school leaders conduct some form of roster verification with all educators as part of Component V, only Group 1 teachers and administrators who receive Measure A: Statewide Student Growth Measures rating utilize the state's RVS system.  A Group 1 teacher includes any educator who instructs ELA and/or mathematics for at least 10 students in grades four (4) through eight (8).  Administrators receive a Measure A rating if they are responsible for 20 or more students taking the state assessment.

    Key Dates/Timeline

    • February 10 - March 13, 2020 - Administrators review Group 1 educator counts ahead of official RVS opening
      • Administrators should run the ERS Assignment Structure report (How-To: View RVS Report - ERS Assignment Structure)
      • If the report shows that there are some group 1 educators missing, please make sure the administrator identifies the group 1 educator as such via DSC. Unfortunately, we cannot make this change on your behalf in DSC.
      • If you are unsure about the numbers assigned to educators in DSC, please review below:
        • 1 = Group 1 educator, 2 = Group 2 educator, 3 = Group 3 educator, 4 = Assistant Principal, 5 = Principal, 6 = District Administrator
      • We receive a list of group 1 educators daily from DSC and this step will ensure that all group 1 educators are accurately identified as such in RVS.
    • March 16, 2020 - Rosters loaded into RVS from warehouse
    • March 18, 2020 - RVS opens for Group 1 educators (teachers/administrators) and evaluators to verify rosters 
    • April 30, 2020 (*updated) - RVS closes for teachers
    • June 5, 2020 (*updated) - RVS closes for administrators/evaluators
    • September 30, 2020 - RVS closes (all appeals must be finalized).

    RVS is an online system that allows Delaware's Group 1 teachers and administrators the opportunity to complete an automated roster verification process to assist in the determination of one measure of their Component V educator evaluation rating (Measure A for teachers and administrators).  The timeline will be finalized and technical assistance documents are now available. Contact Dr. Seher Ahmad with questions. More information is available in the RVS At-A-Glance Guide

    Tips & Reminders

    Before/During Student Assessment

    • The goal is to validate lists of students educators instruct, per subject.
    • All data must be complete and accurate in the district or charter school's educator evaluation system online platform (DSC's DPAS application) and in the warehouse for RVS to accurately use the information. Complete and accurate data includes PHRST employee ID for both the educator and the evaluator, educator group number, District Code, School Code, and subject taught (mathematics and/or ELA). If any of these pieces of information are incomplete, missing, or not recognized as valid by RVS, it will ignore the data to ensure bad or incorrect mappings do not occur.
    • Building administrators should ensure that all educators who should have a roster (or rosters) does before RVS opens (see quality control process below).
    • It is recommended that districts and charter schools set internal deadlines for different administrator types in order for final district administrator approval to take place before the May 29th deadline.

    After Student Scores Are Returned

    • RVS Measure A Reports become complete when all student assessment scores on a given roster have been returned from the assessment vendor.  The date at which an RVS Measure A Report will become complete will vary for each educator.
    • Evaluators should not finalize the Measure A rating for an educator until all scores are present.
    • Evaluators should not attempt to approximate scores or ratings using DSARA (Delaware Student Assessment Reporting & Analysis).
    • Should a school reset or reopen the assessment for a student, it is possible for a student's score to change (target met or not met) and subsequently impact a teacher's overall Measure A rating.  Administrators should only finalize Measure A ratings after they have ensured that there are no pending student assessment resets or reopens.

    RVS Quality Control 2019-20

    In an effort to build in an additional quality control measure, the 2019-20 rosters were created so that educator head counts could be reviewed prior to RVS opening on March 16, 2020. The purpose is to allow LEA staff the opportunity to ensure that (1) every educator who should have a roster (or rosters) does, and that (2) those educators have rosters for the correct subjects they instruct (ELA and/or mathematics) before RVS opens. These reports can currently be accessed by opening RVS (in IMS) and running the School or District ERS Assignment Structure report (identifying Group 1 teachers) and the RVS Rosters with Student Counts by District or School report (displays student counts on ELA and/or math rosters).

    If you find an educator does not have a roster loaded, it could be for one of the following reasons:

    • Their employee ID number in your evaluation system online platform (DSC) or PHRST is missing, is incorrect, or does not match the employee ID in the other systems.
    • Their educator group in your evaluation system online platform is incorrect (not Group 1).
    • Their class is not tagged as ELA or math. If a teacher is missing a roster in RVS due to missing LEAs MUST correct the missing information and allow RVS to retrieve the missing roster overnight.

    Please log into RVS and run the School or District ERS Assignment Structure and the RVS Rosters with Student Counts by District or School reports to begin this investigation. Note that RVS is not opening early. Therefore, you will not see student level data represented in the report at this time. If changes need to be made, please make them in your evaluation system online platform and/or in eSchoolPLUS before March 16, 2020. RVS will attempt to build new rosters based on these changes nightly.

    Additional Information and Technical Assistance

    Below are links to technical assistance documents for RVS.  An overview of these documents (document name, audience, and description) can be be found here: RVS Technical Assistance Document Overview.

    Throughout RVS

    Before/During Student Assessment Administration

    After Student Scores are Returned

    Contact Information for Questions/Comments

    Please direct any questions/comments to the Department's RVS Support Team. They are available for technical assistance to all districts and charter schools. They can be reached by phone or email.

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