• Student Account Access For Delaware Higher Education Office Scholarships

    In order to apply for scholarships from the Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO) you first need to create a Student Account. Once you create your Student Account you will be able to apply for available scholarships online.

    For help in creating your Student Account and applying for DHEO scholarships you can review this document:

    How to create a Student Account and apply for Delaware Higher Education Office scholarships

    To create a student account, or to access a student account that you already createdlog on here 

    Your username: This is the e-mail address you used to create your DHEO Student Account

    Forgot your password: Click Forgot Password next to the password field and then select Student , enter your username (your email address), and the last 4 digits of your SSN.

    Logging on with the reset password: Clear your browser cache and delete saved passwords first, and then try typing the password directly in the field instead of doing Copy/Paste. You may be picking up an extra character when copying and the system will reject the password.

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Last Modified on January 7, 2020