• Education Insight Dashboard & Reports Portal

    Highlight from Release: The Fall 2019 release includes updates updated assessment data including Spring 2019 Smarter scores.

    If you would like to schedule a training or presentation (provided by DDOE) on the EdInsight Dashboard and Reports Portal please contact Kira Jean-Simon

    The purpose of the Delaware EdInsight Dashboard is to enable data-driven decision making throughout the education system that will ultimately result in improved outcomes for Delaware students. The Delaware EdInsight Dashboard is a place where educators can access one system for student, class, school, and district level information. No additional input from educators is required since it uses existing data sources.

    EdInsight Dashboard Possibilities

    • Identify Early Warning Indicators using the Early Warning System (EWS) for students K - 12
    • Student Print-Out (PDF & Customized) 
    • Review SBAC and ACCESS assessment data at the district, school and student level
    • Watch List functionality to group students with similar needs
    • Review prior year data for your students (including building location)
    • PLC activities using real-time data
    • Parent-Teacher conferences using data across the student's academic and behavior history
    • Intervention planning and risk identification for RTI
    • Academic Profile = Online Transcript Data
    • Student demographic and contact information
    • Reports Portal - several different reporting options for Classroom Teachers and School Administrator

    With 290+ researched-based metrics, the EdInsight Dashboard aggregates data from existing sources to show a comprehensive view of each student. Items such as attendance, discipline, Smarter Balanced and DCAS scores, DIBELS, STAR Math and STAR Reading data, Early Learners Survey data, marking period grades, final grades, credits, AP, SAT and PSAT scores are displayed in a user-friendly format using color coded metric states.

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Last Modified on October 25, 2019