• Create & Deliver Local & State Assessments

    PerformancePLUS is an assessment creation and delivery system.
    Schools and districts can use it to set up and deliver a variety of assessments.

    To take an online assessment, students enter OLA (Online Administration) through a website and use their student ID to login.  They step through the online assessment answering multiple choice, short answer and open ended questions.

    The system will score multiple choice and short answer items but teachers will have to enter the student rubric scores for open ended items.  This takes the same amount of time that it takes to enter those scores into Excel or into the teacher grade book but you get access to over 30+ score reports.

    Additionally, the student scores can automatically be transferred from PerformancePLUS into the teacher gradebook inside eSchoolPLUS

    Click the following link to utilize user guides & training videos on how to Create & Deliver Local & State Assessments

    Use code SCJZ-28VH8to access the PerformancePlus Resources Group


    Assessment Framework


Last Modified on September 22, 2017