• Professional Development and Associated Compensation Committee

    The Professional Development and Associated Compensation Committee has reviewed research in the area of effective professional development and will make recommendations on the types of professional development and professional responsibilities which will qualify educators for additional salary increments. Efforts to ensure that both professional development and professional responsibilities are designed to enhance student learning and continuously improve the quality of teaching and educational leadership in Delaware’s schools.

    The Professional Development and Associated Compensation Committee is one of two standing committees of the Delaware Professional Standards Board. Created by the Delaware General Assembly through SB 260 (2000), the Professional Standards Board, working through the two standing committees and in collaboration with the Department of Education, is charged with helping to establish a system of professional development, professional standards, licensure, and certification designed to continually improve the quality of instruction for Delaware’s school children. This committee is charged with reviewing current practice, both in Delaware and in other states, analyzing work done by predecessor committees in areas related to professional development and associated compensation, identifying national and regional trends which impact of these issues, and recommending to the Professional Standards Board the following:

    • Procedures for identification and approval of professional development activities and specific areas of skills and knowledge that are eligible for a skills and knowledge supplement.
    • Procedures for identification and approval of additional responsibility assignments that impact student achievement.
    • The size and type of pay supplements for knowledge and skill and additional responsibility assignments.
    • The duration of each supplement, and, if applicable, procedures for renewal or requalification.
    • Identify and recommend additional advanced certificates or licenses, in addition to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, which may be eligible for a salary supplement, and recommend the percentage and duration of any such supplements.

    The Committee may form sub-committees or work groups with existing members of the committee, may, with the mutual agreement of the Chair of the Professional Standards board and the Secretary of Education, form other sub-committees with an expanded membership, and/or request the assistance of experts in the field to guide the work of the committee, in order to complete its task. All sub-committees and work groups must secure the agreement of the Standing Committee before forwarding their recommendations through the Standing Committee to the Professional Standards Board.

    The co-chairs of the two standing committees will meet periodically with representatives of the Professional Standards Board to share their progress, communicate problems and concerns, and seek alignment among the recommendations of the various committees.

Last Modified on March 20, 2018