• Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision Statement

    All Delaware students are engaged in learning that provides a foundation for success, preparing them to transition into postsecondary education and careers, engage with their communities, and continue to learn throughout their lives.

    Mission Statement

    In collaboration with community stakeholders, the Delaware State Board of Education provides voice and leadership for Delaware citizens to ensure that the education system meets the needs of each Delaware student.

    Guiding Principles: The State Board remains committed to approaching its work through the following guiding principles:

    • Equitable Opportunities: Support high-quality educational opportunities for all students that reduce disproportionate student outcomes by race, ethnicity, socioeconomic conditions, and residence.
    • Student-Focused Education: Advocate for the development of the whole child, including strong academic, social-emotional, and physical health and safety practices that provide a rigorous, relevant, and relationship-based education.
    • Collaboration and Partnerships: Engage and collaborate with the community and partners to enrich education policymaking with diverse perspectives that represent Delaware's citizens.
    • Data-informed Decision-making: Utilize national, state, and local research and data to inform decisions.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The State Board of Education has a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, including:

    • Advancing Education Policies and Systems
      • Approving regulations governing 100+ topics, including approval of content standards, assessments, graduation requirements, educator evaluation, DIAA regulations, licensure and certification, and many others;
      • Serving as the CTE Eligible Agency for the State Perkins Plan;
      • Approving charter school authorizations—new, major modifications, renewals, and formal review.
    • Providing Strategic Oversight and Advocacy
      • Providing the breadth and viewpoint of a citizen’s board;
      • Providing the Secretary of Education with advice in the development of policy, new initiatives,
      • budget requests, etc.
    • Resolving Disputes and Controversies
      • Resolving disputes and controversies of the state education system, including school district boundaries, rules/regulations of local boards and student suspensions/expulsions for disciplinary reasons.

    Adopted September 2019.

Last Modified on January 13, 2020