• Delaware Teacher of the Year

    District Nomination Process

    In Delaware, Teachers of the Year are annually chosen at the school and district levels through a variety of procedures. The department asked for, and has received, a copy of each district’s selection process in writing. District-level processes range from open nomination to formal selection by a district-wide committee among nominees from every school. The charter schools have a similar selection process. On-going change to improve the selection process is expected and recommended. It is the desire of the State Teacher of the Year program to promote and encourage a consistent selection process in every school district and ultimately in every school building.

    Teachers who have received recognition as Delaware Teacher of the Year are not eligible for nomination. Those who have been recognized as a District Teacher of the Year in the previous three years are not eligible for nomination. Teachers who have been nominated in prior years, but did not achieve at least a district ranking, may be nominated the following year.

    In the selection process at all levels, emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that we are looking for the best representative of the teaching profession and best teaching practices. Final selection of each school-level and district/charter school-level Teacher of the Year should be completed by a broad-based committee representing teachers, building administrators, parents, and students.

    School and District nomination should take place in the SPRING for the following year. This will give the nominee ample time to prepare his or her portfolio for submission to the state. (Refer to the Timeline in the Program Guide.)

    The program should always be described as a search for a person who will represent his or her fellow teachers. Before the district decides, it should make sure that each nominee is willing to accept the title if offered.

    State Nomination Process

Last Modified on October 22, 2018