• Delaware Teacher of the Year

    Teacher Qualifications

    To be considered for the Teacher of the Year award a person shall have taught, continuously or intermittently, for an accumulative period of three years or more in a Delaware public school previous to the date of such person’s nomination; have been formally nominated; be actively teaching in their district or charter school in this state at the time of their nomination; and continue to actively teach in the nominating district or charter school for the duration of the year of their nomination. If the nominee chooses to leave the district or charter school during the selection period, the district or charter school shall submit another nominee. A nominee shall have met all the requirements for a Standard Certificate for the position held and hold a valid and current license, as approved by the Professional Standards Board, Department of Education and the State Board of Education. [Reference DOE Department Regulations – 235 Teacher of the Year]
Last Modified on October 19, 2018