• Career Clusters, Pathways, and Programs of Study

    The Career Pathway System

    The Career Pathway System represents the alignment of rigorous and high-quality education, training, and support services for students and adults to accelerate their education and career goals, demonstrate success in a full range of secondary and post-secondary education options, and pursue a meaningful career within a state or regional economy. In Delaware, the CareerPathway System begins in the public education system through the development and implementation of CTE programs of study. CTE programs of study interconnect with the Career Pathway System by aligning secondary and post-secondary education programs that concurrently pair rigorous academics with workforce education within the context of a specific occupation or occupational cluster.

    • Career Clusters are broad occupational groupings that define a set of common knowledge and skills required to be successful in a career area. Delaware has adopted the CareerClusters Framework® which helps to connect academic, technical, and employability skills within an occupational framework that is industry-focused, student-centered, and performance-driven.
    • Career Pathways represent the alignment of education and training programs for a specific occupation or occupational cluster and help students advance through higher levels of education and employment. This includes opportunities for students to participate in career counseling and defined work-based learning experiences that engage employers.
    • Programs of Study provide a structured approach for delivering academic and career & technical education (CTE) through an aligned sequence of courses that build on each other through secondary and post-secondary instruction. Students who complete a CTE program of study will attain a secondary school diploma or its equivalent and an industry recognized credential, certificate, or license which holds value at the professional level, post-secondary level, or in an associate or baccalaureate degree program.
    CS Cluster Pathway POS Example
Last Modified on October 19, 2018