Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC)

  • It is the belief of the Department of Education that parent and community involvement is imperative for student success.  In support of that effort, the department works with the Delaware State parent Advisory Committee and the Committee of Practitioners.


    The purpose of DSPAC shall be to develop a climate of harmony, understanding, and cooperation which fosters a positive working relationship with the Department of Education, local school districts, parents, guardians, and others who have the following objectives:

    1. To enhance the educational opportunities for all  educationally disadvantaged children  and their parents in Delaware;

    2. To improve the awareness of local school groups, parents, and the community as it relates to the laws, regulations, and guidelines of the Federal programs and its projects;

    3. To promote an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas among parents, educators, and community organizations;

    4. To promote advice, training, and technical assistance to school groups, parents, and interested citizens in both the public and private sectors

    5. To develop resources and materials that will aid parents, parent groups, and other concerned citizens to understand their role in Federal programs and projects;

    6. To serve as a parent link between the Department of Education, local Boards of Education, School District Administrations, and Federal offices to improve parental participation in Federal programs and educational systems.

    Contact information
    Theresa Kough,
    Director, Career, Technical and Title 1 Resources
    College & Workforce Readiness Branch
    Delaware Department of Education
    Telephone: (302) 857-3320
    Fax: (302) 739-1780

Last Modified on March 17, 2017