Positive Attributes of the Project

    • There is emphasis on consistent science teaching and learning K-8.
    • Teachers are encouraged and supported in developing positive attitudes toward science.
    • The hands-on activities motivate students to learn.
    • The program is inquiry-based. Students, like real scientists, learn to ask questions, make tests, and develop concepts based on their experiences.
    • Activities in the program can be integrated with other content areas.
    • Field trips and enrichment activities are encouraged.
    • The in-service program allows teachers to work through each activity and share ideas before they present lessons to their students.
    • Almost all materials needed for the lessons are included in the kit. (Consumable and non-consumable)
    • Kits are delivered and picked-up, so they do not need to be stored in the classroom.
    • There is a good correlation between the concepts presented in the kits and the State Standards.
    • The end-of-kit assessments developed by the Coalition help teachers to monitor student learning and to inform their instruction.

    The project guidelines call for site-based professional development, which will promote long-term, positive change in teaching strategies.

Last Modified on March 28, 2017