Optometry Incentive Program

  • Eligibility requirements:


    • Loan not to exceed cost of tuition, mandatory fees, and other direct educational expenses
    • Renewable for three additional years
    • Loan forgiveness provisions at a rate of one year of employment as an optometrist in Delaware for one year of loan


    • The application opens April 1, 2018 and the deadline to receive all application materials is 4:30 p.m. on June 4, 2018.

    To apply:

    • You can apply online by completing the application on the Delaware Higher Education Office's secure Student Account Access site. First-time users must establish an account and provide a valid email and mailing address before proceeding to the application.
    • Incomplete applications cannot be processed. You must provide all of the required information:
      1. Completed application, including activities.
      2. College Grade Release Form must be submitted directly from your college to the Delaware Higher Education Office. Students are responsible for ensuring that their school provides this form by the deadline.
Last Modified on October 20, 2017