Note: 2013-2014 applications submitted for classes beginning on or after July 1, 2014 and received in the office after July 2, 2014  will not be processed. You must submit the updated 2014 - 2015 application to be considered for a grant.

    The Governor's Education Grant for Working Adults is funded by the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) and administered by the Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO). The grant is designed to assist under-employed working adult students seeking to acquire new or enhanced skills that will permit them to increase their earning potential in present or future employment. To qualify, you must be:

    1. 18 or older.
    2. a high school graduate or GED recipient.
    3. resident of Delaware and a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen

    Grant amount:

    The maximum grant for one academic year (July 1 through June 30) is $2,000 and is subject to available funding. Schools accepting the Governor's Education Grant for Working Adults are currently limited to not-for-profit Delaware-based institutions of higher education and adult education training programs at vocational-technical high schools who have agreed contractually to adhere to the following payment schedule:

             Governor's Education Grant for Working Adults:        65% tuition & fees, up to $2,000/year

             Participating school:                                                 10% tuition & fees

             Employer and/or employee:                                      25% tuition & fees

    Participating schools:
    Adult Education Centers:


    Enrollment requirements:

    • You must attend a participating school.
    • Eligible enrollment is defined as (a) enrollment in non-credit adult education classes or (b) part-time enrollment in college classes with a courseload of 11 credits or less.
    • If you take courses using grant funds, you must agree to allow the school to release grade and progress information to the Delaware Higher Education Office. Academic progress is monitored and may impact future eligibility.

    Employment requirements:

    • You must be employed by a company in Delaware.
    • Employees of local or state agencies, federal government agencies, public colleges/universities, and school districts are not eligible.
    • If you are not sure if your employer is eligible, check the following directories:
    • Any part-time or temporary employment at a Delaware company qualifies.
    • If employed full-time, you must work for a small business in Delaware with 100 or fewer employees. (If you are not sure if your employer meets this requirement, check with your human resource office.)

    Income requirements:

    • Your individual annual income must not exceed 300% of the annual Federal Poverty Level, or $35,010 for 2014–15. For households of more than one individual, the following individual income limits apply:

                                                                                          300% of Federal Poverty Level                         

    Family Size

    Income Limit

    Family Size

    Income Limit


















    • Full-time college students are not eligible for a grant for enrollment in interim winter sessions or summer sessions.
    • Grants for part-time students enrolling in summer sessions are dependent upon funding.
    • Students who receive any other scholarships or grants for their educational expenses are not eligible. (Employee-paid tuition benefits may be used with grants without penalty.)
    • Changes to course(s) of study must be submitted by the school to DHEO and are subject to approval and funding availability.
    • Non-completion or withdrawal from course(s) after the school’s drop/add period may impact future eligibility. Consult your school regarding their drop/add policy.  You will still be financially responsible for the student portion of your educational expenses.
    • If you take courses using grant funds, you must agree to allow the school to release grade and progress information to the Delaware Higher Education Office. Academic progress is monitored and may impact future eligibility.

    To apply please:

    1. Create a student account online if you don't already have an account. (click here and select Student Account Access
    2. Download and complete the application
    3. Submit completed application to DHEO as soon as possible.

    Although applications may be submitted through the close of the term or conclusion of the training program for which they are intended, it is recommended that applications be submitted prior to the start of the term/program. Grants are nonrenewable. You must submit a new application each term.

    You will be notified in writing if you qualify for a grant. All communication regarding your grant application will be sent via email unless you request otherwise. A copy of your award letter will be forwarded to your school by the DHEO office. Grant funds are paid directly to the school in all cases. The school will determine the exact amount of your financial responsibility for courses and apply the grant award to your student financial account.

    NOTE: Dislocated, laid off, and underemployed workers may be eligible for a Delaware Workforce Investment Board Individual Training Account Grant of up to $4,000.

Last Modified on November 19, 2014