“The Set” Data Briefs

How Do Aspiring Educators Rate Their Student Teaching Experience (August 2016)

Results of the 2014-2015 DPAS II for Administrator (June 2016)

Where do Delaware's Aspiring Educators Want to Work and Live?  (December 2015)

Who are Delaware's Teacher Leaders? (March 2015)

Racial diversity in DE's Teacher and School Leader Workforce (February 2015) Text Version | Interactive Version

What are the Most Significant “Teacher Equity” Gaps in Delaware? (January 2015)

A Spotlight on Early Career Educators and Institutions of Higher Education (December 2014)

How do Delaware’s Educators Feel about their Evaluation System? (September 2014)

How Well are Delaware’s Educators Retained in “High-Need” Schools? (July 2014)

How did Delaware's Roster Verification System impact teacher ratings in 2013? (April 2014)

What Were the Results of Delaware's Roster Verification System in 2013? (February 2014)

How were Delaware Administrators Rated on the Revised Evaluation System? (December 2013)

How are Delaware Students Doing on Advanced Placement Exams? (October 2013)

How are Race and Gender Related with College Enrollment Among DE Students? (August 2013)

Does Student Proficiency Equal Student Growth? A Year-to-Year Comparison (July 2013)

How "College Ready" are Delaware Students? A Tale of Two Tests. (June 2013)

Which Delaware Students Enroll and Persist in College? (May 2013)

Do DE Educators Feel their Schools are "Good Places to Work and Learn?" (April 2013)

Where are Delaware's Teachers Prepared for the Profession? (March 2013)

Do Delaware's High-Need Schools Struggle with Teacher Retention? (February 2013)

Who are Delaware’s Current Principals? (January 2013)