Delaware Professional Standards Board

Our Mission - The mission of the Delaware Professional Standards Board is to assure competence and promote excellence among professional educators to meet the needs of the community of learners in the state.Title 14, Chapter 12.

Chris Kenton, Executive Director
Phone:  (302) 735-4276

Byron Murphy, Chairperson

  • Regulations and Assessment Adoptions

     Pending Final Action – Effective Ten Days After Publish

                  1503 - Educator Mentoring

                  1510 - Issuance of Provisional and Initial Licenses

  • Register of Regulations – Published for Public Comment


          Discussion – Possible Action for Publication
  •              1502- Graduate Level Salary Increments            

  •              1507- Alternative Routes to Teacher Licensure & Certification Program            

  •              1511- Issuance and Renewal of a Continuing License

  •              1512- Issuance and Renewal of an Advanced License

    Praxis Exams Proposed – Pending PSB/SBE Approval

    Praxis Exam 5362 for Regulation 1562 Teacher of English Language Learners

    For a complete list of approved Praxis exams, go to: 

 PSB Manuals and Reports

Professional Standards Board Members

Name Position Email
Byron Murphy Administrator / PSB Chairperson
David Kohan Teacher / PSB Vice Chairperson
Diane Albanese Teacher
Gerald Allen Administrator
Amber Augustus Teacher
Jennifer Burton Local School Board Member
Stephanie DeWitt Teacher
Nelia Dolan Parent
Laura Glass Higher Education
Darren Guido Administrator
Rosaria Macera Teacher
Darlene O'Neill Parent
Mary Pinkston Teacher
Stephanie Smith Administrator
Sue Smith Specialist - School Nurse