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Attention Current Nonpublic Schools: 

 The window for attendance reporting will close on July 31, 2016 
You may log in to complete your enrollment starting August 1st, 2016 
Please read the entire page before you start the process of opening a nonpublic school:  Only apply if you plan to open the school within the next 10 Days. 
Truancy Alert:  An on line home school course is NOT a Delaware homeschool.  If you live in Delaware you must still register your child with the Delaware Department of Education in a homeschool even if the child is using an on line school's courses. On line schools do not report student enrollment to the Delaware Department of Education.  Therefore if your child withdraws from a public or private school, DOE must be made aware of  their homeschool status or the student will be consider truant in their previous school.
How do I register as a homeschool in Delaware?

You must register your home school first,  online,  with the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE).  Here are the options: 

Single Family Homeschool - The education of one's own child(ren) primarily by the parent(s) or guardian(s) of such child(ren) mainly in their own residence.  You can start the process by going to the Nonpublic School Access page.

Multi-Family Homeschool - Educating children, primarily by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of such children mainly in one or several residences, or other facilities, when such children are not all related to each other as brother or sister. A person shall act as a liaison to the DOE for reporting purposes. You can start the process by going to the Nonpublic School Access page.

How do I withdraw my student from public school?  Once your homeschool is registered and active you are required to take the acknowledgement form to the school to withdraw your student. Public schools will not allow a withdrawal without this form.
Once you complete the registration form, you will see a page acknowledging that your school has been opened.  This acknowledgement contains your school code, school name, student names and the date the school opened.  This document is what you will provide when withdrawing your child from public school. 

Can DDOE help me choose a curriculum, recommend one for me, or tell me if there are homeschool groups that could help me?

After registration, you will be responsible for the courses, course work and supplies needed to teach homeschool students.
The State does not get involved in the curriculum of nonpublic schools. However,we strongly encourage following the Delaware State Standards for teaching English Language Arts (ELA)Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, ScienceSocial Studies, Visual and Performing Arts and World Languages
What records do I need to keep on file for my homeschool?
It is recommended that you keep an accurate portfolio, including tests, quizzes, and assignments.  An accurate portfolio will be helpful if the child is re-enrolled in public school, since it is the public school's decision which grade level your child is placed if re-enrolled.

Once I have established my homeschool what are the requirements for staying open?   There are 2 requirements: In order to remain open you have to log in and complete your attendance for each year by July 31st.  You also have to log in by October 5th to complete your enrollment for each year. If your attendance or enrollment are not complete, the Delaware Department of Education will close your school and alert your resident district to expect your children to be enrolled.

When do I report my homeschool enrollment and attendance?                                                                                                              
Enrollment should be entered by October 5th of each school year. 
Attendance should be entered by July 31st of each school year.

Do I need to register my homeschool every year?
You do not need to re-register each year; however, you must complete your enrollment information by October 5th, in order for you school to remain open.

I have a homeschool that one of my children is attending.  I would like to withdraw my other child from public school so that they can also attend my homeschool.  How do I do this?
As long as your school is active and has not been closed, you can go to the public school and withdraw your child using your acknowledgement document (the document that contains your School Code, School Name, and the date the school opened).  This is all that is needed to withdraw your child from public school.  You will not get anything from the DDOE highlighting which children are being homeschooled.

I didn't submit my homeschool attendance and/or enrollment by the due dates.  Is my school closed?
Most likely, your school is closed.  Attendance and enrollment information is needed to keep your school open. Questions should be directed to: Email: or Call 302-735-4140

I have a Social Security form that has a place for the school official to sign.  Is that the DDOE Nonpublic Schools Coordinator?
If you have a single family homeschool, multi-family homeschool, or private school, you are the school official and must sign the document.  The DDOE will not sign these documents.

My child is 16.  I am homeschooling my child.  Do I have to register with the DDOE?
Delaware Code requires all nonpublic schools to register with the DDOE through the age of 16.

Keep in mind an online school is not a registered Delaware homeschool.

My child is older 16.  I am homeschooling my child.  Do I have to register with the DDOE?
If your homeschool is already registered you do NOT have to register a child over 16; however you are welcome to register with the DDOE.

I need to find out if the school I want to attend is accredited.  Does the DDOE have a list of schools that they accept credits from?
The Department of Education does not maintain a list of accredited schools.  You must investigate the school yourself and ask if they are accredited.

Can I homeschool my child in coordination with the district?
Delaware school districts do not coordinate with homeschools.

Do homeschoolers take any state tests like DCAS?
State tests are not administered to homeschooled children. 

How can I open a private school?
You can start the process by going to the Nonpublic School Access page.

Private School - A private school shall mean a school having any or all of grades kindergarten through twelve, operating under a board of trustees and maintaining a faculty and plant which are properly supervised and shall be interpreted further to include an accredited and/or approved college or university.

I am joining a multi-family or umbrella homeschool.  Do I need to register with the DDOE?
You will register with the multi-family or umbrella school.  The mult-family or umbrella school will report their enrollment and attendance to us.

Can my children participate in public school sports?
According to Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association regulations, (DIAA Reg 1008 2.3) homeschool students cannot participate in public school sports.

I have a homeschool.  When my child graduates who will issue the diploma?
The diploma will come from the parent or guardian in charge of the homeschool unless your child is enrolled in a GED program (or adult high school), a school that issues diplomas, or you are using a curriculum from a company that issues diplomas. The state does not issue diplomas to homeschooled children.

When my child completes a year, how does my child go to the next grade?
It is up to you to decide the grade level of the child.  You will indicate this on the enrollment form in October.

I am homeschooling my child for part of high school. Will my child have problems enrolling in public school again?
It is more complicated with high school level students because schools have difficulty looking at what was completed and awarding high school credit.  You must be very careful if you do not intend for your child to be homeschooled throughout the 9-12 grades.

How do I enroll my child in public school?
You must go the public school with your homeschool acknowledgement document and an accurate portfolio of what was taught to the child.  The district will decide at which grade level your child will be placed.  The DDOE cannot show any grades to the district or prove that your children should be at a certain grade level.  When the child has been successfully registered in public school, contact the DDOE to let them know that the child is no longer being homeschooled.

Who creates the report card for my child?
If it is a single-family homeschool, then it is the parent.  If it is a private school or multi-family homeschool, then it is the school administrator.

The nonpublic school I went to is closed.  How do I get my report card or diploma?
The Department of Education does not have those records.  You must contact the principal of the school.  We have some contact information that we can give you but it is your responsibility to retrieve your diploma or report card(s).

What are our legal obligations to the state after opening a Homeschool?
You are responsible for submitting attendance and the enrollment information.  Also, you must let us know if your child goes back to public school or is attending another nonpublic school so that we can close your school.

I want a copy of the information I sent to the DDOE, can I have a copy of it?
We do not have copies of the information you submit to DOE.  We encourage you to retain a copy of whatever you send to the DDOE.

Can I change the school name after initial registration is complete?
Once DDOE registers your school and establishes a school code, the school name cannot be changed.

Can a homeschool student take driver's education at a public high school? 
 A student enrolled in a Delaware public school or nonpublic school (private and homeschool) and who is a resident of Delaware is entitled to free driver education one time only through an adult education program.  Students who are not successful in their initial driver education course may register in any of the adult driver education programs for a fee.

Adult Education programs in a district offering driver education and driver education classes at the YMCA in Dover are approved by DOE.


Questions should be directed to:


or Call 302-735-4140