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VISION - To ensure all new educators in the State of Delaware receive full professional and personal support as they develop the essential knowledge, skills and experience that will result in a high quality education for all of Delaware’s students, notably those taught by novice educators.

MISSION - To provide the necessary framework, resources, and support to enable and empower all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to develop and implement a local Comprehensive Induction Program tailored to the needs of new educators and aligned with state and local initiatives.

OBJECTIVES - The Delaware Department of Education seeks to:

  1. Empower and support LEAs to plan and implement comprehensive mentoring and induction programs that meet the specific needs of new educators and are aligned with state and local initiatives.
  2. Establish a state-wide collaborative community of education practitioners that willingly and openly share resources, assistance, and ideas that increase the support provided to new educators.
  3. Support LEAs in the selection and training of highly effective mentors.
  4. Assist LEAs in the development of “assessment literate” educators who are able to review student data and use that data to drive instruction in the classroom.
  5. Build reflective practitioners who are able to review their present level of professional performance and use that data to set personal professional development goals.
Scientific Research Base
The Delaware Mentoring and Induction Program is aligned with the following research:
  • Enhancing Professional Development: A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson
  • Classroom Assessment for Student Learning; Doing it Right-Using it Well by Richard J. Stiggins
  • Five Core Propositions - The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Program Contacts:
Renee' Holt, Secretary  
Phone: (302) 735-4023

Jon Neubauer, Education Associate
Phone: (302) 735-4101

Christopher Ruszkowski, Associate Secretary
Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Branch