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Steps to Opening a Nonpublic School in Delaware

1.  The first step in opening a nonpublic school is to request a login to the Nonpublic School Application. (The whole process may take from 15 minutes to a couple of days).

2. You will receive an email with your login name and password.  Log onto the Nonpublic Schools application by following the email directions. You will be creating a homeschool name first.  Do not use the name of any on-line homeschool software your student's may be using. Create your own unique homeschool name.  Remember, if you are homeschooling a high school student you may want to use a more formal name so it can be used on the diploma you will create.
3. After creating the homeschool name , you will be prompted to enter your student's information.  Please enter your child's formal name.  Once you are done entering all of the information, the application will show that your homeschool is pending.  The Delaware Department of Education will review your information and approve your school and approve your student's application. You will receive an email with the approval information. 
4. Once your homeschool is approved, you have to log back in and print out the homeschool acknowledgement page. 
You must have a copy of the acknowledgement page with you to withdraw your child from the public school system. Public schools will not allow the withdrawal of any student to homeschooling without that document.  Be sure to keep a copy for your records.
Remember : Attendance reporting is due on or before July 31st.  If you do not log in and complete your attendance reporting every year, your school will be closed and your district of residence will be alerted that your children should be enrolled. 
Remember:  Enrollment is due on or before October 5th.  If you do not login and complete your enrollment reporting every year, your school will be closed and your district of residence will alerted that your children should be enrolled. 
Click on the link below to request a login to the Nonpublic School Application: