Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement


The Delaware Department of Education is inviting stakeholders from across the state to share their input on the state's ESSA plan to help ensure that all students have equitable access to a high-quality education.

An electronic feedback form to provide your input on the 2nd draft of the plan is located here . Please submit by Feb. 10.

To share your general questions and comments about the ESSA, please email:

State Plan Draft

Links to draft plan are below. Please note that the draft template provided by the U.S. Department of Education was updated following the release of our first draft of the plan. Yellow highlights indicate areas where stakeholder feedback was considered.

An electronic feedback form to provide your input is available here . Please email with general feedback.

Delaware's ESSA Plan Components - Draft 2

Click on the slide below for a narrated presentation of an overview of the changes between the October 31, 2016 draft and the January 9, 2017 draft.

A presentation providing an overview of changes in this ESSA draft from the first draft

Framework Document : With the second draft of the ESSA plan, we are providing a broad context for the overall education system and an understanding of how submitting the ESSA plan to the federal government fits into the overall plan for Delaware’s education system.

Full Text : Delaware's Draft ESSA Plan Components

Introduction : A Letter from the Secretary

(UPDATED 1/31/17) Section 1  : Long-Term Goals

Section 2 : Consultation and Performance Management

Section 3 : Academic Assessments

(UPDATED 1/31/17) Section 4 : Accountability, Support, and Improvement for Schools

Section 5 :  Supporting Excellent Educators

Section 6 : Supporting All Students




Delaware's ESSA Plan Components - Draft 1


Full text: Delaware's Draft ESSA Plan Components

Introduction: A Letter from the Secretary

Section 1: Long Term Goals and Measurements of Interim Progress

Section 2: Consultation and Coordination

Section 3: Challenging State Academic Standards and Academic Assessments

Section 4: Accountability, Support, and Improvement for Schools

Section 5: Supporting Excellent Educators

Section 6: Supporting All Students


Community Conversations

Thank you to those who participated in our two rounds of Community Conversations. Check out the conversation themes below.

Discussion Topics
September 20, 2016: 6:00p, Georgetown
September 24, 2016: 10:00a, Wilmington
September 27, 2016: 6:00p, Middletown
September 29, 2016: 5:30p, Dover
November 16, 2016: 6:00p, Wilmington
November 21, 2016: 6:00p, Cape Henlopen
November 29, 2016: 6:00p, Seaford
December 1, 2016: 6:00p, Dover
December 8, 2016: 6:00p, Newark

14 de diciembre de 2016: 6:00 p, Georgetown
Resumen de la discusión

20 de diciembre de 2016: 6:00 p, Wilmington
Resumen de la discusión

December 14, 2016: 6:00p, Georgetown
Discussion summary

December 20, 2016: 6:00p, Wilmington
Discussion Summary

Discussion Groups

The department will engage representatives of stakeholder groups in ESSA discussion groups. Stakeholder groups nominated participants for these topical discussion groups. The first group will focus discussions on technical topics related to measures of school success and public reporting (measures). The second group will focus discussions on provisions for student and school supports (supports). The discussion groups will provide information to the department and the Advisory group created by Executive Order 62.


Measures Group

Supports Group

Discussion group meetings will take place from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Collette Education Resource Center in Dover on the following dates:

Governor's Advisory Committee

Stakeholder Feedback

Click the chart below to see how education stakeholders are weighing in on the draft plan.

A chart of feedback received from education stakeholders on the draft ESSA plan

Items of Interest

Engagement in Action