Welcome to the Delaware Charter School Office

Welcome to the Charter School Office
Delaware's Charter Schools were created to improve student learning; encourage use of different and innovative or proven school environments and teaching and learning methods; provide parents and students with improved measures of school performance and greater opportunities in choosing public schools within and outside their school districts; and to provide for a well-educated community.
The Delaware Department of Education is the authorizer for 25 charter schools - meaning that it is responsible for approving, monitoring, renewing, and, if necessary, closing charter schools who received their charters from the State of Delaware. 

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Performance Frameworks

The Charter School Office is seeking public comment on the proposed Alternative Academic Performance Framework

The purpose of the Delaware Alternative Academic Performance Framework is to provide a supplemental comparison of charter school performance for those schools servicing a disproportionate number of students with disabilities.  The intent of the Alternative Framework is to provide charter schools and their authorizers with academic performance ratings that demonstrate the school’s annual progress and growth relative to the progress of similar students within Delaware as well as to provide the school with AMO’s [1] to establish a system of continuous improvement to ensure students are prepared for college and career.  Schools measured by this framework must service a population of students with disabilities of greater than 50%.  Schools receiving the Delaware Alternative Academic Performance Framework will also receive a Delaware School Success Framework (DSSF) for the purposes of ESEA and ESSA reporting.   

The proposed Delaware Alternative Academic Performance Framework is to be utilized for school years 2014-2015 through school year 2016-2017 unless a new alternative framework is established based on ESSA statewide accountability on or before March 1, 2017 for all approved schools.  

[1] AMO : Annual Measurable Objectives. AMO are proficiency targets set by student subgroup at the state level with the goal to reduce by half the percentage of students considered non-proficient in reading and mathematics within six years.

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